UX/Game Design

Because much of the UX work I’ve done so far has been in the realm of serious game design, the two sections are combined here. Perhaps the biggest component in either case has been problem identification through user research, so I feel it all ties together nicely.

Participatory Memory App: a mobile app for the preservation of history through collective participation

This project, undertaken with Dr. Liza Potts and Christine Scales, is to create an app (or identify a use for an existing app) for the participatory preservation of memory. The project is in the developmental stage, but the app will likely involve a photo-sharing function with a GPS element (photos can be “pinned” to a particular location to show what it looked like at a particular moment in time).

Main Project Roles/Skills

Wireframing, interface design, interaction design, information architecture, user research


Initial interface mockups:

Main Map Screen

Photo Screen






















This project is currently in progress, and current mockups are tentative in terms of the project itself, but still indicative of my work.


Culture Shock: a card game for improving cultural understanding and communication on college campuses

This was an idea developed by a team of three (Michael Budrum, Liang Cui, and myself) in TC 841- Understanding Users. We noticed that the high concentration of international students on MSU’s campus was resulting in a lack of cross-cultural communication—in other words, people preferred to spend their time isolated with other people from their own cultural background. With that in mind, we set out to research the problem and ultimately create a game to help break down some of those cultural barriers.

Main Project Roles/Skills

Initial concept design, persona development, user research, research anaylsis, project management.


Ethnographic Research Report – Details the observational research done to inform game design and refine problem statement. Also includes the development of user personas.

Playtest Report – Presentation about playtesting Culture Shock with target audience, including photos, observations from the playtests themself, and recommendations from findings.

Final Video – describes the final project work in the class. Shown in this video is our group’s developmental process in creating a card game prototype, including problem identification, persona development, data gathering, playtesting, and the paper prototype itself.

In other words, this video is a recap of the project timeline.


Spartan Survival: a board game for orienting freshman college students to college life

This idea, which went under development for TC 830 — Foundations of Serious Games, is intended to help college freshmen adjust to the often-overwhelming first year of college by introducing them to campus resources. The game will involves moving pieces around an open-style game board to different locations (library, stadium, lecture hall, etc.) and performing a task or answering a question related to a campus resource.

These questions/tasks could be related to academic resources, social events, diversity promotion, or resources for physical or mental health, as long as they help familiarize players with useful campus resources.


Main Project Roles/Skills

Project management, user research, research anaylsis, video editing  prototype design, professional pitch development.


Initial Pitch Presentation (powerpoint, 10-minute pitch)

Playtest Report (PPT in Google Drive)

Final Video Pitch (including board/piece prototypes)