Academic Presentations/Publications/Projects



  • “Fighting a New Monster: Tracing DRM Issues in Diablo 3” – Publication and presentation at Meaningful Play 2012 (October 2012)    (Full Text PDF)     (On Conference Website)
  • “Fracturing Digital Entertainment by Kindling Rivalries and Blowing Steam” – Chapter Publication in Cultures of Copyright (Co-authored with Dr. Liza Potts and Katie Dobruse — Expected 2013)



Class Projects

GLCVB Media Strategy (Major Project for WRA415 – Digital Rhetoric, November 2011)

  • This was a group project involving user research and the creation of personas to inform a comprehensive social media strategy for the Greater Lansing Convention Visitors Bureau.

Fallout 3 as a Rhetorical Tool for Composition (Final AL878 Paper, December 2011)

  • My first foray into looking at video games as a way to assist in the teaching of writing was a look at how the moral/narrative choice system used in Fallout 3 could assist students in first-year writing courses with understanding and explaining rhetorical cause/effect relationships in writing.

First-Year Composition and Serious Games (Final TC831 Paper, December 2012)

  • Building on some of the concepts explored in my Fallout 3-themed work from 2011, this was a work in which I define a rationale for a first-year writing course enhanced with game-based learning features.