As someone who apparently refuses to only do one thing, my professional portfolio consists of a bunch of stuff that is interesting to a bunch of different people. If you’re any one of those people, I’ve probably directed you here because I want you to hire me for something.

So for your browsing convenience, I’ve split my work into three distinct sections. Peruse the one you find most relevant to your purposes, or check out all three.


UX/Game Design

If you’re interested in my work in user experience design and serious game development, this is what you want to see first and foremost, though you’ll also want to check out the next section.


Academic Presentations/Publications

If you want to see the work I’ve done on video game-based education, as well as a list of my academic publications and presentations, check out this section. Also check out my blog on the home page, where I talk (mostly) about how digital narratives are changing the way “writers” tell stories.


My Bleacher Report Profile

Finally, if you’re here because you were hoping for my latest take on the Detroit Lions, or a compendium of the majority of the writing I’ve done over the last five years, you must be looking for my sportswriting portfolio, which is pretty well self-contained at Bleacher Report.


And if none of that was what you’re looking for, it’s possible that you:

a) are looking for English footballer Dean Holden

or b) would be better-served contacting me directly on Twitter, or via my contact page.