A wild Dean appears in his natural habitat.

A wild Dean appears in his natural habitat.


Every couple of years, I look at things I wrote about myself in the past and invariably cringe.

There are a lot of reasons for this.

One of these reasons is that looking at my own writing about anything tends to make me cringe. It comes with the territory of having a 10-year history of writing while always iterating and evolving. It makes things you worked really hard on three years ago look primordial by comparison.

But the other reason is that I find my way of looking at the world and myself are changing over time as well, and it tends to look somewhat condescendingly at my past self. Perhaps this is what they refer to as “maturity.”

So with that in mind, it is time to hit the refresh button on the “about” page. I don’t especially like oversimplifications of inherently complex things like, for instance, a person’s personality. But hey, I pride myself on my ability to write anything, in any mode, in any context. So here’s me, in summary.

I like writing, and I like video games. Video games with good writing get bonus points, and so inspire me to do more writing. It’s a very satisfying cycle, I find.

My wife of (at the time of writing) almost 5 years is an enabler. As in, she enables me. To do good things, I mean (when did “enable” become a word with such negative connotations?).

She supports me, whether actively or passively, to pursue things that change my life and provide me experiences I would never have had otherwise. She sets the standard for what any relationship partner should aspire to be – myself included.

On the professional side, I like – and am good at – handling content. I’m primarily versed in written content, but have added photo and video capabilities as required. You’ll frequently see me refer to myself as a “writer,” and that is in part true, and I have the publications and hit counts to back it up.

But it isn’t enough for anyone to just be a “writer” anymore. Unless you’re one of those who strikes the Powerball of writing – writing a smash hit novel that gets made into a movie franchise – writing things and then then just setting them up in front of you doesn’t work anymore. On the internet, that’s like putting a Post-it note on a billboard.

People can see Post-its, but you can’t put them just anywhere haphazardly. You have to make sure they’re in a place people will see, notice, and care, at a time when it’s relevant and will inspire action. Writing the note is only one step, and sometimes it isn’t even the most important. It’s as important to think about who you want to see it and why, and then think about how to get it to them. This is what I do.

And then I talk about game-based narratives, thousands of words at a time.

I’m a blast at parties. Small parties. With my wife and three or less other people. And no music.

Anyone throw parties like that? Just me? Okay.